Wednesday, August 13, 2008

White Water

Rumi's "The Guest House" expresses the idea that life is guest house into which uninvited guests stream daily. We never know who will enter the door; but we are to greet each guest with enthusiasm, so that we may live life to the fullest.

Murray McLauchlin's song, "White Water" has a similar theme. The river is much like a guest house, in that each turn offers a new vista and new experiences. Again, what the river has to offer must be accepted with enthusiasm in order to live skilfully and contentedly. In this video I tried to synchronize the two themes with my photography of Killarney and Temagami, Ontario and Nahanni, NWT.


Rachel said...

Wow! This is cool! What a neat idea to link canoing with the Rumi poem. I am always struck by how much we can learn from sports about life...

Some beautiful shots are in this video! I especially liked the sunsets, butterflies, and rainbow (oh, I hope I am not giving too much away now!).

Of course, as a skeptic, I am not sure about the "guide from beyond" part in Rumi's poem. Yet, I do think there is a lot of wisdom in opening our house to uninvited guests - both literal, virtual, and mental.

Ross Clark said...

Dear Barry,
Thank you for the wonderful video. A wise blending of the timeless poetry, good music and real life experience.

All the Blessings, ross

Barry said...


Interesting you should notice the one line in the Rumi poem that also causes me pause. I take it as a general statement of what we can't know - for me it represents the chaos of the universe.

Thanks for your kind words.