Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Support me in my personal campaign for SickKids


I'm emailing you today to tell you about the Friends of SickKids Campaign.

As some of you may know, as a young child I was born with a congenital heart defect. As young parents my folks were faced with the terrible dilemma that I would die before I reached school age. My dad was 26 and mom 23 when they came to Canada so that I could receive the life saving operation that allowed me to live a complete and meaningful life. My campaign is dedicated to the memory of Bill Mustard - a true Canadian hero, to whom I literally owe my life.

SickKids continues to be a place of remarkable hope for children and their families. It is where the sickest children go. This remarkable place treats children with aggressive cancers, the worst burns, those awaiting heart transplants, and more. The kind of life-saving care that happens at SickKids only happens at a few special places in the world.

That's why I volunteered to tell as many people as I can about SickKids. I hope you'll support me in my personal campaign to raise much needed funds to continue the good work of folks like Bill Mustard. It is ONLY because of committed supporters - people like you and me - that SickKids is a premier children's hospital in Canada - and one of the top three in the world.

To support me in my campaign, please click on the link below:

When you make your donation online, you will receive a tax receipt directly from SickKids within 24 hours for the amount of your donation. Please give what you can, as soon as you can. Thank you.


Barry Cull

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