Sunday, February 21, 2010

River of Gold, River of Dreams

The South Nahanni River is a tributary of the Liard River, which is a tributary in turn of the mighty Mackenzie River.

In July 2007 a group of friends paddled one of Canada's legendary rivers. Referred to as the "dangerous river" by R. M. Patterson, it is a rivers steeped in history and unique geographical features. The Nahanni was a river long before the mountains rose out of the Devonian plain. Typical of plains rivers it meanders its way through the landscape, unlike other mountain rivers which race in a straight line down the valley. As the mountains rose around it, the Nahanni maintained its meandering course by entrenching its way through the rising rock.

I wrote the song, "River of Gold, River of Dreams" to honour our trip and the amazing river and its peoples.


Marc from Hamburg said...

Dear Barry, wonderful song with wonderful pictures. I am actually planning that trip as a lifetime dream... This video helps me to bear the time until I can start. Thank you a lot. God bless you. Marc

Barry said...

Glad you liked the song Mark. The trip for me was life changing. This year I am headed to the Elk and Thelon Rivers in the North West Territories.